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Annalise ~ Samark Superman x Towerhill Pollyanna

                                                                    Anatrim Jacobe x Towerhill Helen (Ballagan Kelly)

Annalise's first daughter December is also one of the first calves from our new stock bull Celtic Benny, having been scored by ICBF Oct '13, December boasts a huge muscle score of 138 and a high maternal index of 223. This Heifer has shown serious growth from birth and so will be retained within the herd for breeding having originally been on the "for sale" list.

​Cousin T ~ Hillcrest Trouble

Furball ~ Towerhill Cupid

December ~ Celtic Benny Et

Gus ~ Celtic Benny

Jameson ~ Kilbride Farm Escalope

Born Jan '17, pictured here at 10 months old, Sold privately off Farm to a repeat buyer.

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