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Auroch Gohan P ~ Current Herd Sire

           Curaheen Emanuel P x Auroch Absolute P

Gohan P was purchased at the March '17 Roscommon Spring Premier Sale. Chosen on the strength of his back pedigree, his sire Curaheen Emanuel P is breeding very well in Hector Macaskill's Woodhall Herd, Scotland. Having seen Emanuel progeny at the Stirling Bull sales October '16, to me they were "like pea's in a pod". His grand dam Curaheen Angel caught my eye at the Curaheen Herd dispersal sale the previous September, a long clean, milky cow with great natural shape. His dam Auroch Absolute P is a maternal sister to Auroch Ace who sold for €11,000,  Curaheen Whiskey who sold for €17,000 and Auroch Hillary who is the current record price holder having sold for €26,000 at just nine months old.

Gohan's breeding includes the two prolific brood cows of the Curaheen herd, namely Raceview Merle Beauty and Raceview Misty Jade, two cows who need no introduction.

Gohan P is also a maternal brother to the AI bull Auroch Deuter PP, National Senior Bull Calf Champion 2013.

Gohan P is Heterzoygos polled.

With the BDGP currently dictating the pace in Irish beef breeding, Gohan's excellent figures were the final influencing factor in his purchase.

His Aug '17 evaluation figures are as follows;

5 Star Maternal (within breed and across breeds) €150

5 Star Terminal (within breed) 3 Star (across breeds) €107

5.3% calving difficulty

5 Star Carcass Weight 28kgs

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